Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GHISALLO Running Store in U City, MO has donated 68 pairs of running shoes for the families in Namulonge, Uganda! Stop in or call (314) 727-4786 and tell them how AWESOME they are for supporting Project Restore! Thank you GHISALLO!

A Project Restore team, in partnership with Newsong Fellowship, is heading to Haiti June 5 -10th. The team will be working with relief efforts at the For His Glory (Maison Des Enfants De Dieu) orphanage and the surrounding community of Port au Prince, Haiti. We wish the entire team much success in their efforts and look forward to the reports of their trip upon their return.

Katie, a second-grader from Edwardsville, IL, heard about Project Restore’s work at a school assembly and was upset to learn that there were children in the world who did not have enough food to eat or milk to drink.

So, even at this young age, Katie decided to get involved and make a difference! All on her own, Katie designed and developed a fundraising program to help Project Restore’s feeding initiatives at the Namulonge Senior Secondary School in Namulonge, Uganda Africa.

Katie started a bookmarker campaign. She designed and sold over 200 bookmarkers and raised $1,000 to buy a milk cow for the Namulonge SS School’s lunch program. She sold her bookmarkers to friends, neighbors, family and even got the opportunity to speak and receive support from the Edwardsville Goshen Rotary club and her church, Newsong Fellowship.

It is Project Restore’s great honor to announce that Katie’s cow was bought from one of the farmers from the village, and was delivered to the Namulonge SS School! When Katie heard the news she said, “I am very happy that kids like me will have milk to drink because everyone knows kids need milk to stay healthy.”

However, Katie is not done! She has already raised an additional $300 to purchase a second milk cow for the school! Project Restore commends her great efforts and selflessness for the children of Namulonge!

Way to go Katie!!

Did you know a visit to a dentist saves lives?

Ginger Creek Dental, located in Edwardsville, IL, is partnering with Project Restore and has generously agreed to donate 30% of its profit to Project Restore for on-going financial support! * 100% of those donations will go directly to Project Restore’s projects that help relieve the suffering and oppression that overwhelms individuals and communities around the globe while advocating self reliance and self sustainability.

Whether you need routine dental care, orthodontics for you or your child, or surgical care including dental implants, you’ll find that Ginger Creek has competitive rates and a staff of doctors and assistants who are ready to assist you! No other dental office in our community is as committed to providing your family with such outstanding and comprehensive care AND the knowledge that your family’s dental health will also make a life-changing difference for someone else half way around the world!

So call today, get your teeth cleaned and help us save lives! (618) 692.1110

*Gifted when over set standard monthly collections.

Alton Middle School's National Junior Honor Society involves over 100 students across the school campus who come together to make a difference at their school, in their community and beyond. That is why they chose to help Project Restore raise money to buy Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Malaria Nets (LLIN) to help the families and children in Namulonge, Uganda fight Malaria.

The honor students spent a week visiting classrooms and educating their peers on the threat of Malaria, pointing out that it kills 1-3 million people each year, 70% of them are children under 5 years old and that Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease.

Project Restore provided the students with visual aides, stickers, and even a real Malaria Net to help them with their efforts. The honor students visited over 50 classrooms and raised over 700 dollars! That is enough for at least 140 nets!

A World Vision report states that to have an effective reduction of the Malaria disease on a population, there needs to be at least 80% bed net coverage for the community. In the village of Namulonge, Uganda, Project Restore is half way to that goal and has already distributed 1,300 (LLIN). With Alton Middle School’s AWESOME efforts Project Restore is 140 nets closer to a positive reduction to this devastating disease in Namulonge! Thank you Alton Middle School’s National Junior Honor Society! You are making a real difference, because NO child should die from a mosquito bite. Way to go!!

Project Restore recently visited a group of 3rd graders at WolfRidge Elementary, Bunker Hill, IL and discussed the many differences between the United States and Uganda, Africa cultures. Jan Miller and Catherine Keck spoke to the children and had hands-on activities for the children to understand the difficult struggles of the people in Uganda; from lack of clean water, starvation, to the need for a strong education and health care systems.

The third graders were currently reading the story Beatrice's Goat by Paige McBrier. This biographical tale is the story of a young girl in Uganda who longs to go to school but her family is too poor to send her. Beatrice's mother soon learns the family is to receive the gift of a goat from "some kindhearted people from far away". The family's future is changed and they are able to sell the goats milk, repair their hut's roof and send Beatrice to school.

The children were very engaged in the assembly and asked many intriguing questions about the life of an African student. After the presentation, the WolfRidge Elementary children felt motivated to help Project Restore in their hunger relief programs. The children held a coin collection rally and raised enough money to buy 2 goats for the Namulonge Senior Secondary School lunch program!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), hunger is the single greatest threat to the world's public health. The WHO also states that malnutrition is by far the biggest contributor to child mortality and currently affects more than one billion people, or 1 in 6 people on the planet. However in Namulonge, Project Restore’s feeding program has made significant inroads in eliminating hunger and malnutrition for the students at the Namulonge SS School with purchases of milk cows, pigs, and now two additional goats!

Thank you WolfRidge Elementary for your innate sense of empathy for the world around you! You are a true inspiration to us all and YOU are the ‘kindhearted people from far away’!