Sunday, November 21, 2010

Traveling Team

The Project Restore Africa team of 13 left St. Louis on November 20th. They have landed in Amsterdam and are awaiting their flight to Entebbe, Africa. Spirits are high despite the lack of sleep. The team will try to blog about their work over the next 10 days if they are able to access the internet. So stay tuned and check out their progress and hopefully some pictures!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

600 Pounds of Hope

The tweleve team members leaving for Africa this Saturday filled twelve extra suitcases PACKED with donated items . . . school supplies, shoes, swings, clothing, medical supplies, sports balls, musical instruments, thousands of bandaids and much, much more! On November 20th, the 50-lb. each bags will take 3 airplanes over 2 days to reach the people of Uganda . . . restoring hope in the lives of many hurting men, women and children in Namulonge!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Twin Echo Elementary Bandage Collection

The students at Twin Echo Elementary in Collinsville, Illinois had a busy October collecting bandages of all shapes, sizes and colors for Project Restore. They took the challenge head-on to help Project Restore collect 100,000 bandages to take to the medical clinic in Uganda this November . . . and what a dent they made! Thank you to all the administration, staff, students and parents for your kindness and generosity...what a difference you will make in the lives of thousands of hurting people!!!

one bandage at a time

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Malaria Net Goal Exceeded!

Thank you to everyone who generously donated to Project Restore's Countdown to Hope.

Together through this campaign we raised over 1000 nets!

This November we will take your nets as well as 800 more raised over the past year and distribute them to individuals in Namulonge. While our goal was to cover 80% of the village, our net count will enable us to cover every single person as well as share the additional nets with a neighboring village.

We are incredibly excited to travel to Namulonge next week and restore hope to so many people! We invite you to sign up for our e-newsletter so we can send you photos and updates of the net distribution and more when we return.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Healing Namulonge, Uganda one band-aid at a time!

Worden Elementary of Worden, IL collected bandages of all shapes, sizes and styles for a medical clinic in Namulonge, Uganda that serves over 35,000 villagers but has no bandages. Members of Worden's Student Council designed posters to display around the school to promote the collection and set a goal of 5,000 bandages. Week after week, bandages were counted and displayed on a large graph near the front of the school. At the end of week 3, the grand total was 14,120 bandages!

Mrs. Feco's 5th grade class collected the highest percentages of bandages and will receive a popcorn party to celebrate! A team with Project Restore will be taking the bandages directly to the clinic in November.

Thank you Worden! YOU ROCK!