Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Africa – A thank you from the Namulonge Secondary School Head Master –
Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings in the name of our living and loving God. We thank God for the gift of life He has given to you and to us.

We thank Him for giving you a safe journey back home. We miss you a lot! On behalf of Namulonge Secondary School, Namulonge Primary School and the entire community of Namulonge, I wish to thank you for the time and resources you spared to pay us a visit and for everything you did and continue to do for us. It is not common to find that someone leaves his/her home and travels that very long and expensive journey to, not only visit, but also help other people. We are so grateful to you all for that very great love you have always given to us.

We wish to thank all those who made it here. We appreciate that great love and friendship you give to us. We thank all those individuals, families, schools, companies and organizations for all their contributions both financially and in material form to make this happen. We are very grateful for all the donations we received as a school and as a community. The donation of 600 mosquito nets was so awesome. You did not only save 600 lives but more since some of the beneficiaries were mothers who share beds with their babies. You made a mark which will last for ever in many peoples lives. Many of our students/pupils and teachers now have the chance to see, touch and use a computer for the first time in their lives. We appreciate the efforts of everyone who was behind this initiative. (the McBride family) We are grateful for the balls, textbooks, bibles, dictionaries and that very wide range of school supplies – math sets, pencils, pens, rulers, crayons etc.

We enjoyed every bit of your company. It was so interesting to see you running about and playing with the kids. Some kids say their best time of the year is when you are here. We can't enumerate everything you did for us, but just know it that whatever you did/contributed is greatly appreciated.

We are grateful to you for the EMSA (educational matched savings account student sponsor program). I wish to let you know that the teachers, students/pupils, parents and the entire community is very excited about the EMSA program. We pray that God guides everyone involved such that everything goes as planned.

Lastly, we pray that God blesses you all with many more years of life so that you will be able to see the fruits of what you have started. We look forward to continue working with you for the good of our community and the entire human race. LONG LIVE PROJECT-RESTORE, LONG LIVE EVERYONE.
God bless you all.
Mayanja Robert David.