Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pictures from Africa

The 2010 trip to Africa was a huge success! There were thirteen teammates that worked on some pretty exciting projects:
- repairing of a broken water well
- connecting a clean water line to the Health Clinic
- distributing 1800 LLIN (mosquito nets)
- hosting medical and dental clinics
- building a 500 roost chicken coop - a sustainable feeding program for the school
- building a swing set for the kids at the Namulonge Senior Secondary School - something they had never seen before!

Check out some of the pictures from the trip!
A water Well fixed in Namulonge, Uganda

1800 double sized LLIN (mosquito nets) were distributed - giving universal coverage to 9 villages!

Dr. Anne and Brandon hosted medical orientations for the staff at the Namulonge Health Clinic and attended to over 75 patients

Dr. Dave and Sherri trained two nurses on basic dental procedures