Sunday, July 18, 2010

Africa shipment Received!

The very first Project Restore donation shipment of text books, library books, school supplies, flip flops, a medical examination table, medical supplies and provisions has been delivered to the Namulonge village in Uganda Africa!

This shipment was put into the shipping container back in December 2009 in Kansas City, MO. Project Restore has developed an amazing partnership with The Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist; who ship containers full of materials to different regions of Africa. When there is additional room in one of the Holy Eucharist's containers, The Sisters will allow Project Restore to ‘piggy back’ on their Africa shipment free of charge. Thank you very much Sisters for your continued support and generosity!

The December shipment contained a variety of greatly needed supplies and provisions. Such as:
- Over 800 flip flops donated by the RENDER group of Collinsville, IL for the children at the Namulonge Primary and Senior Secondary School who are currently shoeless.
- In Namulonge, an average of 8 students’ share just one text book and this shipment will provide over 840 text and library books for the students in the Namulonge Primary and Secondary Schools. These books were made available through Budgetext Recyclers and the IL and MO school systems.
- The Holiday Inn, Alton, IL collected 12 boxes of invaluable medical supplies and provisions, 25 pairs of crutches and 2 walkers for the local Namulonge clinic. The clinic services over 35,000 people and struggles to even keep Band-Aids on hand.

Project Restore would like to extend their heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all of the many, many volunteers that made this shipment of donations possible for the people in Namulonge, Uganda! Thank you for those who participated in the solicitation, collecting, sorting, boxing, labeling, logging, loading and transporting all of the 143 boxes of donations, an examination table, walkers and crutches!

Project Restore would also like to thank Budget Mini Storage, Edwardsville IL, who has generously donated 2 storage units to Project Restore for the prior-to-shipping storage needs of these very vital and important donations!

Thank you everyone! What you have accomplished is truly amazing and will make a REAL difference in the lives of the families and children in Namulonge!

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