Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti Orphanage on CNN

For His Glory Orphanage is an orphanage in Port au Prince Haiti that cares for an average of 125-130 children and a partner of Project Restore.

Anderson Cooper has invited Pierre, the director of For His Glory Orphanage, to be on the Haiti Telethon on CNN tonight!!!

Check it out!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Project Restore Friends,

Project Restore is heartbroken by the news of the massive 7.0 earthquake that struck west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The death toll range is estimated to be as high as 500,000. A Washington DC journalist writes “The dead decomposing bodies are everywhere. Big buildings fell. Entire villages have disappeared, Just piles of rubble. Just massive devastation.”

Hospitals, schools and government offices are destroyed. The country’s infrastructure has been decimated. Families have lost their homes, along with everything they own. Hundreds of thousands are living without shelter, water, food, security and any of the basic needs for survival. Project Restore is compelled to join in this fight to help relieve the suffering and misery in Haiti. Our commitment to Haiti extends beyond our immediate response to this disaster. We ask that you run this race alongside us! We encourage everyone to continue to watch the news, get the facts, pray and take action!

YOU have an opportunity to make a difference in Haiti!

There are several ways you can get involved. Project Restore has partnerships with three organizations that are in-country. We want to help raise responsiveness and funding for their efforts. Our Haiti partners are;

Honor and Respect Foundation of Haiti- Is a foundation chartered to raise awareness and financial support for grassroots groups based in poor communities in Haiti dedicated to achieving social justice, universal education, participatory democracy and economic self-sufficiency. Honor and Respect Foundation has set up a triage hospital at Matthew 25 house in Delmas 33. Your financial gift will go towards purchasing medical supplies and medication.

For His Glory Orphanage - Is an orphanage in Haiti that cares for an average of 125-130 children. The orphanage has sustained structural damage and due to the rising death toll in Haiti, FHG anticipates a growing population of orphans. Your gift will help provide emergency relief for the children, staff and the surrounding community and assistance in the construction to restore the damaged building to become a future home for those newly orphaned.

International Crisis Aid (ICA)- Has a mission to assist in sustaining life, bring encouragement to those suffering and collaborate with other relief organizations in bringing necessary foods, materials and medicines to people in times of crisis, particularly where life and death situations exist. Your financial gift will help ICA set up one or more refugee camps and a large triage medical clinic in Carre Four, Haiti, at the epicenter of the earthquake.

To help Project Restore support these organizations continue to bring life saving support to the children and people of Haiti, please visit our website and designate your gift on this page:


Against Malaria Foundation - an organization that raises awareness of the malaria disease and distributes long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets (LLINs) to those in need. Malaria, already a problem in Haiti, is likely to increase significantly due to there being little to stop transmission. AMF has set up a specific donation page for Haiti. 100% of funds donated on this page will buy nets for Haiti and AMF will coordinate with the relevant authorities and partners to ensure the nets are distributed as soon as possible when they are needed, where they are needed.

Show Your Heart to Haiti – At just six years old, Annabelle was moved to immense compassion after seeing the coverage of the Haiti’s earthquake on TV. She wanted to help! She wanted to make a difference! Annabelle, along with her friend Kaytlin, have made, and they are now selling, homemade Pixy Stix Valentines. Their slogan is "Show Your Heart to Haiti." Annabelle is selling her Valentines for any monetary donation amount. Orders can be taken through her mother at Don’t forget your child’s classroom Valentine parties! They are accepting large orders!

What about Donated Goods? Haiti’s infrastructure for delivery and distribution of donated goods has been shattered. Project Restore will be collecting goods at a later date, once the situation has been stabilized.

Is there a team going to Haiti? At this point Project Restore is holding off on trying to get a team to Haiti. We are identifying places where our volunteers could be inserted to do the most good without increasing the pressure for food and water in the capital. We want to be strategic about where our team(s) could go and when, making sure that we can really help and not be a burden or in danger. If you are interested in the possibility of traveling with Project Restore to Haiti, should a trip be organized, please contact

Please help us and our partners rebuild Haiti from the rubble! YOUR generous support will initiate change and help make a real difference in thousands of individuals’ lives in Haiti.

The Project Restore Board of Directors

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Show your heart to Haiti! 2 young Project Restore heroes take the initiative to help those in need in Haiti. Selling valentines @ walmart to raise money for PR's Haiti relief efforts!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project Restore fixed this Buso, Uganda water well in 11/09

Monday, January 4, 2010

November 2009 Mosquito Net distribution in Buso, Uganda! Thank you for your support!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


On behalf of Project Restore, Inc. and the village of Namulonge, Buso and Kasambia, Uganda, we would like to thank you ALL for your generous support and financial gifts in 2009! Through your dedication, Project Restore was able to advance its self reliance and sustainability work and bring some relief and hope in many amazing ways.

This year Project Restore was able to;
- Distribute 900 long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets. Bringing the total of nets distributed to 1,300!
- Collected and shipped over 80 baby blankets, 12 pairs of crutches, 2 walkers, 15 boxes and 5 suitcases of supplies and provisions for the local Namulonge clinic!
- 120 boxes of school books, library books and school supplies were shipped to the Namulonge Senior Secondary School!
- Along with the piggery that was started in 2008, 1 milking cow and 5 goats were purchased for the Namulonge SS School’s lunch program!
- 3 fresh water wells were repaired in the villages of Buso and Kasambia, Uganda! Bringing the total water wells repaired to 4!
- 2 additional Buso schools were outfitted with the rain harvesting systems. Bringing the number of schools with working full systems to 3! With the two long rainy seasons in Uganda, capturing the rain water off the roofs is a huge asset for the communities!
- One trombone, guitar, clarinet, flute and 31 recorders were donated to the Namulonge School’s music program!
- 62 students were sponsored for the matched savings account program, Ambition for Tuition!

THANK YOU again for joining us in restoring some peace, hope and love to those in need. Because.... Living SHOULD Be More Than Just Surviving.... and YOUR support has initiated change and helped make a real difference in thousands of individuals’ lives in Namulonge, Buso, Kasambia and surrounding areas in Uganda!

Project Restore will continue its life-saving interventions for Namulonge, Buso, Kasambia, Uganda and communities around the world. We hope you too will continue to join us in this fight!

Catherine Keck
Executive Director