Tuesday, January 4, 2011

7 months until August!

Hello friends!
I am blogging in the PR office, we are hard at work! It has been almost 2 months since we went to Namulonge, Uganda, and I miss it very much. Going to Namulonge was definitely the experience of a lifetime... one I hope to repeat in August! I would recommend that everyone should try to experience Africa, because there is no place like it. Their hospitality and kindness was amazing, and inspiring. Just how happy everyone was with what they had really makes you realize just how much you take for granted... like simple things: shoes, phone and internet.. The children are the happiest children I've ever seen, and they don't have video games, gameboys, cell phones, or boxes full of toys. I also noticed how greedy most of us are (or me, at least), we have to have everything but we don't really need any of it! It makes you analyze the true definition of the word "necessity".
Since I returned from Namulonge I have been trying to write letters to two very special children there, but for some reason I have been having a hard time deciding what to say. One of the hardest parts of Africa was not being able to adequately express yourself because of the language barrier. Our slang terms simply do not translate, and even words like "cute" are hard to explain.
On one hand, coming to work at the office is so great, because we all became a sort of family in Uganda, and it is nice to be around them again and remember great stories and help do some of the other work for Project Restore. On the other hand, it sort of makes me sad because we are here, in the US, and not back home in Africa.

Those are just a few pictures from Africa... who knows, maybe in a few months you will join us to meet the wonderful people there :)